HH Transformer Services


Arc Free Sample Ports
The importance of taking oil samples from you pad-mounted transformers should not come at the risk of safety or production.

Key Features

Minimal connection points

Powder-coated Paint

Flexible stainless/Teflon hoses

Tamper Resistant Hardware

Solid Steel Construction

Made In U.S.A.

Industry Standard Sample Devices

No Change to Factory Venting

Discrete Design

Benefits of Kit

Zero Arc Flash Risk

No Down Time for Future Oil Sampling

Keep Nitrogen Blanket on Transformer

Valve for Pressure/Vacuum regulation


Because transformers are usually very reliable, it's easy to forget to carry out routine maintenance procedures. But recognizing that a transformer can represent a relatively sizable capital expenditure, that these units are a critical component in providing dependable electrical service, and that a safe electrical system includes transformers operating correctly, it's important to take the time and effort to properly maintain this type equipment.


These kits are mounted inset into the cabinet making them blend nicely with the cabinet wall.
The tamperproof hardware holds the cover-plates over the sample ports.

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